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My name is Jason and I have been working in the fitness industry for over 8 years. I have worked and gained experience at various fitness facilities, fitness resorts and hotels as well as well known and highly recognised high performance training institutions. I am an exercise specialist focusing in many different spheres of the fitness industry. I have trained high profile clients and clients of different fitness levels and abilities. 

As an exercise specialist I can train all individuals and design programs for any fitness requirements as well as designing programs and training pregnant individuals, children and elder adults with heart, metabolic or lung diseases. I am able to help rehabilitate fitness injuries and create programs that are designed to help you recover and get back into your fitness routines. 

What Hiitit offers

Weighted training programs and personal training sessions.
Body Weight training programs and personal training sessions.
Mobility, Flexibility & Rehab programs and personal training.


“What an absolute pleasure to do a workout with Jay. I would definitely recommend to anyone. I saw results after a week!!!”

— Brent Davids
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